Why email marketing still is most effective marketing channel for your business in 2018 ?

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According to HubSpot report 2017, 86% of the professional users prefer to use the email marketing to interact with people for their business purpose. Gmail has been reaching heights by having 1 billion active users worldwide.

Let’s make the definition of email marketing simpler. Email marketing is an electronic process of communicating to your audience via emails. Email marketing is a very personal as well as a professional way to reach to your customers, all that you need to have is some basic ethics of writing an email. Through your emails, you can talk about any topic related to your organization or any other information you want to discuss, the list is endless and there are no limitations on it.

So, let us explain you some major importance of email marketing.

1. Email marketing has more impact than social media for getting Customer acquisition.

Though social media marketing has been very powerful tool since it came into existence when it comes to Email marketing, social media marketing has less impact because email marketing is more target oriented and accurate. So, both the marketing should be used according to their specialization.

2. Cost-effectiveness is high as compared to other marketing channels. 

Email marketing is very easy and effective also because the cost is very less and it allows you to be more accurate, focused and effective as well. The winning chances are very high because you will get responses quickly and the risk will be very less because of the less investment.

3. Email marketing is editable and personal

Email marketing can be done in a very specific way. It allows you to differentiate your audience according to their needs. You can be personal in your email but in social media marketing, you have some limitations. The email can be structured according to your goals. Email marketing can be very useful in building relationships with your clients, prospects and neighboring companies as well.

4. Email marketing has an action-oriented setup

“Put your plan into implementation” is very important strategy in marketing and email marketing boost power to this strategy because email marketing allows the users to see the result on the spot whether it is the website traffic or sales leads.

 5. Reach your customers through Email marketing by mobile devices.

 People check their emails most of the time because it is easily accessible through their mobile devices. The reports by ExactTarget says that 91% of the people use their mobiles to access their emails. When you are doing email marketing always keep in mind that your reach is very vast so keep your email very informative clear and simple.






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