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B2B Leads Generation through Video Marketing 2018

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B2B Leads Generation Through Video Marketing 2018

The primary focus of every marketing campaign is to generate the leads through sales. This today’s generation of the digital world helps every organization to reach to its customers very easily through appropriate platforms used by the sales team.
According to KBCB, the most web traffic is influenced by the videos seen online. Only a smart marketer can use the video to generate leads for businesses, not only for B2C but B2B markets are also getting success through video marketing, here are the best ways through which anyone can make the best B2B as well as B2C videos.

Add a welcome video to your website

The time is gone where people tend to upload the long ‘about pages’ in their websites to give their introduction.
Now, everything can be done smartly and interestingly. The video marketing has a power to do it and people are adopting it very quickly.
Using a video to explain what your company is all about is a very good technique.

Here are some tips to make a good introductory video:

1. What you/your company is offering?
2. How are you different from others?
3. How can people reach you?
4. How efficient and smart you are as compared to others?
5. Define your target audience.

Fill your YouTube channel with How-to-videos
The video marketing is reaching heights in such a way that everyone wants to watch an explanation through a video.

Live streaming is the latest trend in social media which people are following.
Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. etc.…
Every type of organization is trying to connect with their audience through live streaming.
Here are some interesting stats regarding social media.

• On Facebook, 500 million viewers are those who watch only videos.
• 45 percent of the people watch videos over an hour on FB as well as YouTube.
• Twitter has 82 percent of the audience who watch videos.

Though some organizations cannot afford it daily so there are companies who are working on repurposing the videos along with the content and they charge their fee per video.

Use videos in your Email marketing campaigns.

Another best way to advertise yourself through a video is Email marketing. Email marketing campaigns are very effective and generate leads quickly, and the combination of video marketing and Email marketing is just outstanding.
Here are some tips to make your Email marketing better:

1. Convey your messages through videos.
2. Make it short and simple.
3. Work on it from the perspective of your customers.
4. Optimize it smartly.
5. Don’t commit mistakes while doing the campaigns.
6. Define your target audience.

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