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10 Best B2B Lead Generation Strategies in 2018

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10 Best B2B Lead Generation Strategies in 2018

Generating Leads is a very Important marketing technique because it all depends on the pipeline and sales because Pipeline increases the sales quickly.

Here are 10 Best B2B Lead Generation Strategies in 2018 which will automatically increase the sales of an Organization.

1. Social Networks and Business Connections are very Important.

LinkedIn is a very effective tool if you are planning to develop your B2B connections online. 80% of the B2B Leads are generated through LinkedIn. Always be active on such platforms and send a personalized connection request to develop your LinkedIn connections.
This will help in creating business Connections.

2.Social Media Interactions

Your focus on social media should be to promote your business through good quality content. Research on social media platforms and target on your audience accordingly. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are the top social networking sites that every marketer should use.

3. Content is the Quality of Your Business.

Hubspot says that if you’re delivering 16-17 blog posts every month then your chance to generate leads increases four times faster. Content is the king in marketing and it is true because the good quality content will always be very helpful for you as it will generate b2b leads more quickly.

4. Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

The technology is shifting very fast from computers, laptops to Smartphones. According to Google, 50% of the B2B queries are raised through smartphone users. You have to engage with your target audience through a mobile-friendly website. A mobile-friendly website should always be of good quality design so that your customers & audience will like it.

5. Retarget your visitors.

It is believed that prospects usually browse several websites, and read dozens of articles to acquire knowledge on a particular thing and decide on the basis of their research. In a B2B world, retargeting your audience is still not used heavily. But this is something which can be very helpful for B2B Organization because it can generate leads more quickly. So, don’t forget to retarget your website visitors and increase your chances to turn those prospects into customers.

6. E-mail Marketing Automation Tool

Use Email marketing tools and target your audience through Email. 62% of the marketers say that Email marketing is a most effective way to generate leads for their Business.

7. Use Chatbots To Engage with Your Audience.

You can connect with your website visitors through automated chatbots.
Chatbots will also reduce the operational cost of your business because it reduces dependency on human effort too. Through chatbots, you can connect with your audience automatically.

8. Use PPC Based Paid Campaigns to Increase your Leads.

Pay-Per-Click is a very helpful paid advertising which runs on the basis of Campaigns. Run your PPC Campaigns on the targeted platforms so that you can reach your customers through effective campaigns. Lead generation campaigns can be a very important promotional tool for your B2B service offerings.

9. B2B Video Marketing Strategy

The video acts as a very promising tool for your customers because it ensures the credibility to be trusted. It can describe your business or products in few seconds. Video marketing is a highly effective strategy to Generate Leads.

10. Host Informative Webinars to Generate Leads

Hosting Webinars are a very effective strategy to generate the targeted leads because the leads which are generated through webinars will be a qualitative lead. Through webinars, you will be able to understand your prospects more deeply because you will be in a direct face to face interaction.

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